Ted Talks & Podcasts To Open Your Mind and Challenge Your Thinking – My Top 5 Recommendations


This post has been a LONG time coming guys, and it’s been heavily requested! I am so excited to finally have this piece together for you – and I’m actually glad it’s taken a while to do, because I really feel like I’ve got a true reflection of my favourites for you. TED Talks and Podcasts are two of my go-to sources for learning, for opening my mind, and challenging my way of thinking. I love listening to Podcasts while working, walking, running, just chilling, you name it. And TED talks are just a gem in this world in my opinion – you can find a talk to inspire and educate you on nearly any topic out there. What better resource could there be?! You guys have been asking my to share my favourites with you for quite some time, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of my list! I’m starting with my favourite TED talks as number one, and my four favourite Podcasts follow!

1. TED Talks




I am OBSESSED with Ted Talks. I think the first one I watched was Jamie Oliver’s famous talk ‘Teach Every Child About Food.’ If you haven’t seen it, Youtube it right now, it is genuinely amazing. The inspiration I felt after watching that video made me want to explore TED videos more, so that’s what I did! My favourite types of talks to watch are around health, nutrition, medicine, and mindset/mental health. But there are TED talks for literally EVERY area of interest, so all you have to do is Youtube ‘TED Talks – Insert Area of Interest Here’ and you’re guaranteed to find something that will challenge your way of thinking. That’s why I love these talks – they inspire me to think differently. Here is a little list of MY favourites, but absolutely build your own and leave a comment below if you have any favourites to share!



  • Jamie Oliver: ‘Teach Every Child About Food’
  • Dan Buettner: ‘How to Live to Be 100′
  • Sheryl Sandberg: ‘Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders’
  • Ruairi Roberston: ‘Food for Thought – How Your Belly Controls Your Brain’
  • Graham Hill: ‘Why I’m A Weekday Vegetarian’
  • Niki Bezzant: ‘Carrots and Cupcakes – Healthy Eating Made Simple’




2. Danny Lennon Sigma Nutrition



I’ve been listening to Danny’s Podcasts for a long time now, and they just keep getting better and better. Sigma Nutrition Radio is one of my go-to Podcasts for the most up to date, evidence-based nutrition and exercise science. Danny’s Podcasts range from interviews with big, well-established figures in exercise and nutrition research, to chats with interesting personalities in the foodie/fitness industry, to his own ‘Listener’s Questions’ sessions. There’s such a wide range of topics covered, from the basics of macro-nutrients, to sleep science, to nitty gritty topics like artificial sweeteners and sports supplements. I check on Danny’s podcast releases every week to see what he’s talking about, and the topics covered never fail to disappoint. I always finish the Podcast with a bank of new knowledge – I’ve even listened to some of them twice to solidify the information! A couple of my favourites by Danny so far include a recent review on artificial sweeteners, and also one on vegetarian and vegan diets for athletes with dietitian Emma McCrudden.




3. Scott Baptie Food for Fitness




The Food for Fitness Podcast is another big favourite of mine. Hosted by Scott Baptie, it is similar to Danny Lennon’s Sigma Nutrition site in that it predominantly focuses on nutrition and exercise science, usually via interview with a specialist or personality in that area. I personally find Scott’s Podcasts a little less scientific and as a result a little bit easier to digest, and sometimes his topics will overlap with those covered by Sigma Nutrition. Scott interviews a lot of personalities in the fitness industry, as well as big well-established names in sports science research, and I find that mix is really refreshing. My favourite Podcasts here would be Scott’s interview with Kelly Starrett titled ‘How to be a Supple Leopard’, and his Podcast on ‘Sleep Science’ is an absolutely fascinating listen.




4. Laura Thomas – Don’t Salt My Game


Laura’s Podcast is a BIG hit with me. The premise of her Pod is that she interviews what she calls ‘Game-Changers’ each week – people who are or have been important voices in the ever-confusing wellness and health industry, particularly in social media circles. What I like the most about Don’t Salt My Game is the absolute ‘No BS’ approach to some of the total rubbish we see and hear spouted out by so many on Instagram/Twitter/etc. She does this hilarious piece at the start of every Podcast called ‘Shit Bloggers Say’, and basically reads out ridiculous quotes and claims from social media, asking her guest of the week to yay or nay whether the quote is ridiculous, or actually true! Some people might find that a bit hardcore, but there’s never anyone named, and to be honest, when you listen to some of the claims she manages to find, you’ll be glad there’s someone out there calling out the BS for what it is! My favourite episodes from Laura’s Podcast to date are four in particular – her interviews with Pixie Turner (Plant-Based Pixie), with Dr. Jen Robinson on over-exercise, with Zanna Van Djik (the most recent one!) on living consciously, and finally an absolutely incredible episode on the difficult topic of Orthorexia with Daniella Isaacs. I can’t describe how good a listen that last one is – whether you’re someone who has struggling with food personally, or you’re an interested individual working in that area, or just interested in general, it is just such an insightful listen. Definitely check out Don’t Salt My Game, it’s one I check in on every week to download the latest for my rest day walks!



5. The Rich Roll Podcast

rich roll


Rich Roll’s Podcast is my latest find, and I am obsessed. I first heard of him a year or so ago, when I watched Cowspiracy and other food/environment documentaries on Netflix. Rich is a 50 year old vegan ultra-endurance athlete who was previously an entertainment attorney. He’s now a full-time wellness and plant-based diet advocate, author and public speaker. As I’ve personally adopted a more (not fully) vegetarian diet over the past few months, the topics Rich covers are everything I’m trying to learn more about, particularly the science behind and environmental impact of what we eat. I’m really enjoying the few Pods of Rich’s that I’ve listened to so far – he interviews a wide range of people, including athletes, health professionals, and even David and Stephen Flynn of The Happy Pear! I’m loving his interviews with doctors in the USA who are prominent figures in the preventive/lifestyle medicine movement, because that’s the area I’m fascinated by. My favourite episode to date is definitely the Happy Pear interview – it’s an amazing 2 hour episode all about their journey to find their passion, and it’s a really inspiring listen.


So that’s it guys, my top five Ted Talks and Podcasts! What are yours? I’d love to know so I can check out any recommendations you guys have! Sharing knowledge and ideas is the premise of Ted Talks and Podcasts, so the more we share our favourites with each other the more open-minded we can be! Leave a comment or DM me/comment on Instagram or Twitter with your recommendations!


Enjoy guys!


Ciara 🙂 x


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