Get A Sweat On At Home: My Top Five YouTube Fitness Channels


Well guys, I’m keeping the focus on Fitness for a second week in a row in this latest post! But this time, instead of the recent fitness class reviews I’ve shared, we’re talking HOME workouts! One request I’ve gotten from you guys a LOT is to share my favourite YouTube channels for getting a sweat on from the comfort of your own home,b(e that a house/apartment/rented room/hotel while you’re away – wherever!) and I can’t wait to see what you think of my list! As you know, I love the gym, and a big part of my workout schedule is strength training, plus I love a good spin or boxing class too. Currently, I’m a member of a gym right beside my hospital, which is fantastic as I can use it before work, getting a session in while beating traffic and getting parking! The joys! But at least twice a week, and especially on weekends, I absolutely love the ease of getting session in at home.Using YouTube workouts to stay in shape is something I’ve been doing for a LONG time. When I was in medical school, I often had to be on placement or rotations early, and for long days. I’ve always been a morning workout person, and the gym I had on campus didn’t open particularly early. So I started using YouTube to try out 30-45 minute videos in my apartment, and at home too. Pretty soon I was hooked, and quickly found a few go-to favourite channels. The simplicity of just needing some space in a room and a device (phone/laptop/iPad/computer etc) to keep you motivated to stay fit is an absolute GEM, and it definitely kept me sane through  my study madness!

The list I’ve given you guys is comprised of the YouTube channels and relevant fitness bloggers I swear by for a great workout every single time, no matter what kind of exercise you’re trying to get in. Each channel has videos for HIIT, Tabata, Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates and Recovery sessions – you name it, it’s there! I know actually pressing play on the video and getting yourself in the mindset to DO the workout takes discipline. But trust me, the people and groups in these videos are so motivating, plus using YouTube to workout doesn’t cost a penny either!

1. Fitness Blender

If I have to pick my absolute favourite YouTube fitness channel, it would have to be Fitness Blender – by a VERY close margin, but number one nonetheless! Fitness Blender was set up by Kelly and Daniel, an American couple who (on their videos at least!) are so down to earth, funny, friendly and NORMAL. Well, I’m assuming they’re normal… Anyway! What I love about Fitness Blender is the sheer range of workouts they have available – you can literally find any length or type you want, and you do the session with Kelly, Daniel or both together! I love to use their 30-45 minute workouts that combine a little HIIT and Strength, but to be honest, a lot of the time I pick 2 videos of 20 minutes each, or 30 and 15 minutes, just to mix it up! They also do great 5 minute videos you can use if you’re working from home and sitting a lot of the day, just to get your body moving and refreshed!

2. Millionaire Hoy – Ya Boy Mill-Hoy (Yes, you read that right…)

Millionaire Hoy’s channel is as crazy as his name is. This dude is based in Chicago, and I’ve been using his videos since my final year of medical school, when I was in Baltimore for a placement, and wanted to get workouts in in the apartment I was renting. His range of videos is a LOT broader now, which is fantastic as, similar to Fitness Blender, you’ll find workouts of many different types and lengths. I use his channel when I want to get a SERIOUS sweat on. For the most part, his style of workout is Tabata/HIIT (40-45 seconds on, 10-15 seconds rest usually), and trust me, you and your sweat towel will be best buddies afterwards. My favourite thing about Millionaire Hoy’s channel is that he does workouts in series-style (e.g. a kick-boxing series, or themed cardio-style videos – he did a Superhero Series before!), so once you pick one to start, you’ve instantly got anything from 10-15 videos in that series to keep you coming back for more. He does beginner, intermediate and advanced videos too, as well as a combination of cardiovascular and strength training workouts. There are many 10-15 minute videos too, so if you’re someone who’s stuck for time, these are great to get your heart rate up quickly! Check out his channel to see what I mean – just go into the ‘Playlists’ tab and it’ll all make sense!

3. Pop-Sugar Fitness

This channel is one I use less frequently, but still really enjoy keeping in my back pocket when I want to try something a little different. Pop-Sugar is a US media and technology company that has MANY different strands, including fitness, food, beauty, fashion and celebrity news. The only part of Pop-Sugar I use is their YouTube fitness channel, which, it has to be said, is pretty frickin’ awesome for its variety of workouts and celebrity trainers featured in the videos. Anna Renderer is an American fitness celebrity who is a qualified personal trainer and essentially the head of fitness at Pop-Sugar, from what I can gather! She does her own workout videos, as well as taking part in those that feature other well-known trainers. You can find a HUGE range of workouts on the Pop-Sugar YouTube – kick-boxing, strength training, cardio-endurance training, pilates, yoga, cardio-yoga, you name it! Each video features the trainer and two participants doing the workout, one of whom usually will do an easier modification of the session so you can adapt it to your ability completely! Again, this site has workouts of all different lengths, as well as short workouts focused on abs, upper body, lower body, etc. All in all, it’s a great resource, and one you should definitely check out!


4. Livestrong Fitness: HIIT-Strength-Recovery Workouts

The Livestrong channel is another one I keep in my reserve for when I feel like changing things up from the norm! A former footballer called Nicky Hollander leads these workouts, which are usually 30-35 minutes long, including a warm-up and cool-down too. You can choose from HIIT, Strength, ‘Signature’ (which is a blend of HIIT and bodyweight strength usually) and Recovery style sessions, and there’s levels for each one so you can progress through them!.A group of 4 people do the workout with Nicky so again you’ve got those group vibes to motivate you! It’s a bit cringey to listen to and there’s a limited number of workouts you can do, but they’re a good quick 30 minute sweat that will challenge you for sure!

5. Girl Gains: Tally Rye/Zanna Van Djik /Victoria Spence on YouTube

This list would NOT be complete without a Girl Gains shout-out to Zanna, Tally and Vicky.  You guys probably know by now that I’m a massive fan of these three gals, and the Girl Gains movement. I won’t go into explaining the background to Girl Gains in this post as I’ve talked about that in a previous post, as well as how much the movement inspires me! You should 100% Google the Girl Gains website and check out each of these girls on Instagram – they are all personal trainers and fitness bloggers, and just all round good eggs in my opinion, having met them at Wellfest last year. Here’s a quick list of my favourite workouts from these girls:

  • YouTube Lucozade Sport ‘Made To Move’: Tally and Vicky did a LIVE Lucozade Sport YouTube workout video last year at Halloween which I loved at the time and also use again every now and then – it was part of the Lucozade Made To Move series of videos! Definitely check that one out – there are also videos from Bradley Simmonds and Anthony Joshua!
  • Tally Rye YouTube and Instagram: Tally has some great home workout videos on her YouTube channel – they’re all great sweaty sessions, AND are very accessible for any level of fitness! She has both HIIT and bodyweight strength videos, ranging from 20-30 minutes, and she explains each move and the form you should aim for each time!
  • Zanna Van Djik YouTube and Instagram: I love checking out Zanna’s vlogs on a weekly basis, and she often films her gym strength sessions as part of those so you can try the session in your own gym! But in terms of home workouts, Zanna posts frequent workouts on her Instagram, which are a mix of strength training and HIIT, and many are easily performed at home.


And that’s it guys! I really hope you like this post – you’re all set now for a whole RANGE of choice for your next home sweat session! Leave a comment or message me on Instagram or Twitter (@theirishbalance) and let me know YOUR favourites, or if you try any of these channels yourself!


Ciara 🙂 x


4 thoughts on “Get A Sweat On At Home: My Top Five YouTube Fitness Channels

  1. Zara Heron says:

    One of my inspirations along with fitness blender is Whitney Simmons, she has her own youtube channel and also an instagram page where she uploads a lot of videos. She really switches it up and does different things I wouldn’t think of so it’s good for when you’re in a rut! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lena says:

    I love so many – Fit body by julia, Melissa Ioja, Michele Lumadue, Velvet Hammer Fitness, also Bodyrock´s daily live workouts on their facebook page…. There are tons of awesome workout channels on youtube, so I don´t even go to the gym anymore 🙂 Also I like following a few of fitness channels like Whitney SImmons, Busybee Carrys, Grace fit uk, Randi Kennedy etc. to get some more inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

    • theirishbalance says:

      Amazing thank you so much for the comment I can’t wait to check your favourites out! it’s the best – so free and versatile! xx


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