Move Energise GLOW: Wellness on the Rise and My First Blogger Event!


Guys, there is an absolutely fantastic thing that has been happening in Ireland over the past 18 months, if not a little longer. The GROWTH of WELLNESS. Now, don’t sigh at me for being a bit cheesy. I frickin’ love the concept of wellness. What even is it, I hear you say? Well, I think wellness is something unique to everyone, but to me, it’s an umbrella term, covering a few different things – a healthy diet, being physically active and in good health, fun and laughter everyday, social interaction, and emotional well-being. All of these aspects of a person’s life are equally important. I’ve noticed that in the past couple of years, we have realised that we need to celebrate and prioritise wellness a little more (a LOT more, if you ask me). There has been an explosion of events centred around encouraging people to identify what makes them feel ‘well’ in mind, body and spirit, and to make those things a regular part of their daily life.

Wellness wooden sign on a beautiful day

I’ve happily made some new friends through going to events like these, and through social media – and one of those friends is Megan Williams, who recently organised a totally fantastic wellness event called ‘Move Energise Glow‘ (MEG for short!). Megan has played for the  Irish Women’s Sevens Rugby Team at International level, and is qualified personal trainer, and has a brilliant online fitness program by the same name. Whenever we get together to catch up, our conversation usually turns to all things fitness, foodie and fun, and when she told me recently about the MEG event, and asked if I would speak at it as a ‘Health Blogger’, I absolutely JUMPED at the chance! And better yet, the Blogger Corner and talk was going to be with another brilliant friend and fellow blogger of mine, Vicky (aka @theflourishingpantry on Instagram). Vicky and I also met through the simple beauty of social media, and she won Best Free From and Illness Recovery Blog at the Health Blog Awards too! I’ve included a little post by Vicky at the bottom of this post about her experience of the MEG event, and the link to her fabulous blog is right here.

So! How was the MEG event?! It was totally awesome. I’ve included photos of all of our activities from the day, as well as the amazing brands and foodie finds we got to meet and try – including, of course, the GOODIE BAG!


Megan and her sister! How cool is that picture frame! 


The gorgeous goodies from the day, from the goodie bag AND the stands!

Vicky and I kicked off the day by getting our Blogger Corner set up, and we were so proud of it, decorating our table with avocado stickers! Happily representing the Health Blogger’s Community in Dublin, we had two big roles for the day – first, to chat to anyone who wanted to meet us, get advice about starting a blog or share tips they use for theirs, how to get involved with the Health Blogger’s Community, and/or simply just chat about life itself! Second (the more nerve-wracking part!), Meg asked us to do a little talk and presentation on our experience as bloggers, which bloggers we admire and aspire to ourselves, and give a few tips for anyone thinking about starting a blog or social media profile too! I was so nervous, but I needn’t have been – our talk went really well, we got brilliant feedback, and we got to spread the Health Blogger’s Community message, which I hope plants a seed that will grow in Ireland!


Kimera Coffee with a Homemade Pumpkin Bite from Kale & Coco! 

One of the nicest parts of the day was getting to meet the friendly faces behind the food and drink brands Megan had invited to the event – Kale & Coco, Skinny Malinkys, Coco Fuzion, Fulfil Nutrition , Sarah’s Raw Bites, Homespun, Glenisk, Kimera Coffee, Temple DairyBella Bites  and Eat Like Apes. If you haven’t tried the tasty range of products these guys stock, get on it! Everyone was sending out such good vibes, and their snacks and drinks are just NOM. I had so much fun just having a laugh with these guys, some of whom I know from other events, and some new! Breakfast at the event was a tasty combination of Kimera Coffee and Glenisk with Homespun – what better fuel for a workout!


Me pimping my breakfast pot!


Breakfast Goals – Kimera Coffee with Glenisk & Homespun Quinoa Granola 


Vicky and I all set up ready to go – reppin’ Health Blogger’s Community Dublin!

Befor the workouts, and our Blogger presentation, we had a brilliant make-up demo from the lovely Fuschia Effect – I personally am totally awful at doing make-up so any tips I can take from anyone is so welcome!

Now to the sweaty part – the workouts! Megan took us through her MEG HIIT-Style session, 30 minutes, packed full of lunges, squats, burpees, you name it, this girl had us earning our stripes! I love HIIT-style workouts, and what was great about Megan’s was how accessible it was to so many fitness levels. Over the 30 minutes, we took on a few different circuits, with tunes pumping of course, and finished off with a killer Sally Squat Song – if you don’t know what I mean, Youtube it before you try it, it’s basically sweat by squats…! But also a total laugh!


The Yoga Flow! 

After Megan’s session, we got to float around a little (aka rehydrate and towel off the sweat…or was that just me…), meet new and old faces, refuel on tasty protein treats, coconut water, healthy juices, granola – pretty much foodie heaven for me! Vicky and I then did our presentation, which I think despite our nerves was a big old success! It was my first time speaking to a crowd as a ‘blogger’ (a bit of a surreal experience to be honest!), and you know what? I loved every second. You guys have always been so warm and positive in your feedback for my Instagram and blog, and it was no different meeting any of you in person. Vicky and I were so chuffed to connect with so many like-minded guys and gals, and it was amazing to get such great feedback from our ‘Blogger Corner!’ It is definitely something I would LOVE to do again, and more of in general!


Vicky and I – Blogger Talk Time! 



Thank you all for the wonderful photos of us on the day! 

The final part of the MEG event was a wonderful Yoga session with Tracey Lee, and it was just the perfect finish to a totally epic day. I love both pilates and yoga, and I definitely don’t do enough of either myself! Tracey took us through an amazing 45 minutes of yoga flow and meditation, and the atmosphere in the room was just pure ZEN. For me, because yoga is so breathing-focused, I find I just HAVE to switch off, relax, and my head just clears with no effort at all. It’s mindfulness and headspace for me totally different to the kind I get from running or the gym (not better, just different!). Everyone loved Tracey’s session, and it was the perfect way to finish a wonderful event.


Playing with filters for the craic! 

Guys, I hope any of you who were at the event loved it as much as I did. I want to give a HUGE shout-out to Megan for organising such an incredible first event, the first of MANY I hope, and I can’t wait to be involved in each and every one. The photos I’ve shared here are such a great reminder of the positive happy vibes of the day. Thanks again to all who came and supported Megan, and for giving our Blogger Corner such a warm welcome! Let me know if you were there, or if you’re a big old fan of wellness events too! Leave a comment, send me a DM, whatever you want! And check out Vicky’s mini-story of the day as well as all you need to know about an upcoming Health Blogger Community Event in DUBLIN this November (link to get tickets is right here – Vicky and I are organising something special for you guys, we’d love to see you there!

Ciara x


A toast to a great event!

My Fellow Blogger Vicky’s Experience of the MEG Event:

I’ve always known there was a passionate community of health enthusiasts in Dublin and finding opportunities to meet those people has been a goal of mine since moving to Ireland earlier this year. Move Energise Glow was the perfect example of what well-being events can be, bringing together gorgeous local brands and producers, amazing fitness experts and inspiring people to listen to.

Bloggers Corner at MEG was my first time speaking as a blogger and it was so good to be able to share with Ciara what our blogs are about and the people we love in the online health and wellbeing world. The reaction we got when I mentioned our Health Blogger Awards was so lovely and the response in person and online afterwards from attendees wanting to share their experiences and ask questions was so positive.

Move Energise Glow has totally motivated me to continue in my quest to organise more events in Dublin that bring together brands and health seekers. Seeing the success of HBCxMeet events in London I wanted to bring the positive blogger + brand vibes to the Emerald Isle and so I was thrilled to be able to launch HBCxMeet Dublin while we were there on Saturday. I hope that lots of people, whether they are bloggers, Instagrammers or just general health enthusiasts will want to come and join us for another networking opportunity in November. Early Bird tickets are selling fast and they’re just €12.50! Really look forward to seeing you there.

You can find tickets to the HBCxMeet event in November by clicking right here!


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