Creamy Green Hummus

Hummus is quite literally, a vice of mine. It's also one of my weekly meal prep essentials - every Saturday or Sunday, I will blitz up a jar of chickpeas to create my favourite beetroot hummus recipe, and it always makes me so happy to have it at home to scoop on top of dinners … Continue reading Creamy Green Hummus

Oat & Seed Scones

You guys will know that I recently took on a one week cookery course in Cafe Cooking at the Dublin Cookery School - and I loved every minute. I left with inspiration, new creativity, and fresh excitement to try the recipes we had tested, and of course get inventive with my own twist on them too! So … Continue reading Oat & Seed Scones

Oats & Berry Bread

Truth time. I'm not a big bread gal - with the exception of favourites of mine like sourdough, or the rye breads from Biona Organic, I really prefer to make my own loaves at home. I've made a few variations for my blog, such as my Turmeric Banana Bread and my Sweet Potato Protein Loaf, but I decided I … Continue reading Oats & Berry Bread

Cacao & Cinnamon Chickpeas

A little variation of my previous recipe for Chocolate Peanut Chickpeas, this recipe is a super quick, super simple plant-based tasty snack you can make for a busy week ahead! I love these crunchy chickpeas on their own, or on top of salads, buddha bowls, and even my yoghurt bowls and porridge (don't judge until you've … Continue reading Cacao & Cinnamon Chickpeas