The Irish Balance Guide To…Galway Coffee & Cafes

Many of you will be aware that at the start of July, I moved to Galway. For those of you who aren’t Irish, Galway is a county in the west of Ireland, and it’s a really beautiful part of the world. I’ve moved here to start a new training path in public health medicine, which is really exciting. It’s funny, I’ve always said as a Dublin girl that if I didn’t live in the capital city, I would love to live in Galway. And its here I’ve ended up!

Many of you will also be aware that I’m a serious foodie, and I LOVE coffee. Since moving to Galway, I’ve had more than a few requests from you guys to write my own Galway food and coffee guide, and with a few trains to and from Galway to catch over September, I’ve decided to use the travel time to get writing!

This first guide will be just on coffee and cafes, because a) coffee is amazing and b) there are so many places in Galway that I’ve now tried, so I think they deserve their own short little guide! Plus, whenever I travel somewhere new, I love knowing where the good food and coffee spots are, and blogs are my first port of call to get recommendations! So let’s have a peek at my coffee favourites in Galway.

Coffeewerk + Press


I have two favourite places to get coffee in Galway, and this place is one of them. I found it a few years back on one of my first visits to the city and loved it straightaway. It’s a three-floor café, and you order on the bottom floor. The coffee is honestly one of the best I’ve ever tried, and they change roaster regularly, and source coffee from roasters all over the world. Even the decaf is legit, and you know a place is good when that’s the case! I almost don’t want to tell you guys this, but when you go to Coffeewerk + Press, take your cuppa up to the first floor. There’s a little ledge at the window you’ll see when you come to the top of the stairs. That spot is my favourite place to perch in the centre of town. I often finish my weekend walk at that spot, bring my book, and sit for a while. It’s so peaceful.

Little Lane Coffee

little lane

This place is also my favourite (two favourites remember!). I found it during my first twos week in Galway, and instantly got chatting to the owners, who recently set up this gorgeous little place almost a year ago now. They are SO friendly, and the café is beyond pretty – fairy lights inside, pink flowers outside with tables, and a seriously good cup of coffee (again, even the decaf is little hug in a mug!) is what you’ll find here, plus a tasty range of baked treats too! If it’s not raining in the morning before work, I go for a walk outside around the city and usually I’ll stop here on my way back to pick up a coffee to go. I have a little chat with the owners every time, and it always makes me smile to think I’ve got a little local place I can stop by. That’s one of the beautiful things about Galway – so many places within the city are within walking distance! Make a visit to Little Lane part of your Galway experience – you’ll be so glad you did!

Jungle Café


I found this spot after going to on a Silent Disco Walking Tour (yes, really) not long after I moved to Galway, and I thought it was one of the funkiest places I’ve ever had a cuppa. I actually had my first ever cappuccino here would you believe! The coffee dock is actually in a big container sort of spot, and there’s a kitchen somewhere in there too. The seating area is semi-outdoor and laid out like a jungle – you have to see it to believe it! Great brew, friendly staff, and a really fun experience.

Badger & Dodo

This spot is a little bit off Eyre Square, and small, but does a great coffee too, and they supply their coffee to a few other cafes too! I first tried it when my friend in work brought me a coffee to go one morning (a flat white) and I was seriously impressed. I’ve been back since and really enjoyed it! A handy pitstop for a pick-me-up.

Matt’s Sandwiches

This is a tiny little spot near Galway University (NUIG), and although I actually haven’t tried their sandwiches yet, they are meant to be incredible – top of my list! The coffee meanwhile, is super tasty, and worth trying – with a sandwich too of course!

Cupan Tae


I discovered Cupan Tae during a seriously rainy day in Galway, when I had a dose of cabin fever from being inside doing housework and meal prepping, and I decided to brave the pelting rain. It was worth it! Cupan Tae isn’t your average café. In the window, you’ll see lots of china tea cups hanging, and inside, you’ll see flowery china tea cups and delph, and decorations everywhere. The menu is full of MANY different herbal tea options (they also do coffee!), plus a range of incredible cakes for you to try too! Their carrot cake is next on my list to try, but on my first visit, they recommended trying their signature Courgette and Lime cake. I know, I was sceptical too, but it was actually delicious, and my housemates thought so too when I brought some home! They don’t do takeaway for the cakes (I was a once-off!) just so you know, but it’s a lovely experience to sit in, have a cuppa and share a cake in company – they do afternoon tea as well if you want to get really fancy!



Okay so this one isn’t technically a café, it’s a bakery, but trust me, it’s worth knowing about. First of all, it serves coffee (win!) which is delicious, but second of all and more importantly, the range of baked goodies you’ll find at Marmalade are NEXT LEVEL. See the photo below if you don’t believe me. I’ve been twice now to pick up a few things to bring to family visits, and everyone who has tried these goodies has been seriously impressed! My favourite so far has to be the Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart. Yes, you read that right. Try it and thank me later.

Urban Grind

Located in the West End of Galway, Urban Grind was recommended to me by my friend in work, and she was right, the coffee was great! They serve 3fe coffee which some of you from Ireland might recognise the name of! They also serve a casual food menu too, so definitely one to keep in mind if you’re out that direction in Galway!

Grind Coffee & Food

This spot is a little bit hidden away down at the Docks in Galway – it’s a funky little interior with cool little quotes around the place! I’ve only tried the coffee here, but the food is next on my list – it looks delicious! Have a peek at their Instagram – the coffee art looks pretty legit to me!

Salthill – the Nest Hostel

I have to give credit to my cousin Damien for this one – he lives in Galway and gave me a sneaky insider tip that the coffee dock in the Nest hostel served (in his opinion – and he does know his coffee!) the best coffee in Salthill. So of course I had to head there and check it out! I grabbed a tasty flat white to bring on a stroll along the Salthill promenade – he was right, it was well worth a visit!

Salthill – Ground & Co


This place is a big café right on the start of the Salthill promenade as you head that way from the city. I’ve been a couple of times now, by myself and with the family, and I really enjoy visiting – it’s always busy, full of energy, and has a decent menu of baked goods and actual meals too. They also sold kombucha from a local Galway company which I tried on my last visit, and found really tasty!

And that is a wrap gang! I have more on my list still to visit (for example, the Secret Garden is one I haven’t made it to yet but have heard it’s very cute inside!), and some of them will be on my food guide (e.g. places I’ve tried for lunch), so keep an eye out for more Galway guides to come! Let me know your favourite places in Galway for food, coffee and activities if you’ve been or if you’re a native! And of course, let me know if you visit Galway and get to try one of my favourites yourself!

Ciara 😊 x




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